Rocks and Minerals

Northwoods Gift Shop has the largest selection of semi-precious gemstones, rocks, and minerals in the area. We can sell our beautiful stones at such great prices because we have built up a solid rock business based on quality products and knowledgeable friendly staff.

We offer quality crystal clusters, colored and polished agate slices, phantom quartz crystals, pyramids, obelisks, double terminated quartz, and more! We sell a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, types, and prices of semi-precious gemstones covering numerous shelves and countertops in our gift shop.

You can find tea light candle holders, wind chimes, jewelry, hand-carved animals, soapstone figures, spearheads, gemstone trees and even more.

We offer over 30 different pockets of polished tumbled stone varieties you can choose from, including malachite, blue tiger eye, fluorite, jade, Blue Kyanite, Sunstone, Celestite, Chrysoprase, Tektites (which comes from outer space) and even more!.

We also offer reported basic healing information on the stones for those interested.

We also offer "in the rough" stones.

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"Just look for the Red Caboose"
Physical Address: Corner of Route 6
Shin Hollow Rd.
GPS Address: 8 Shin Hollow Rd.
Gaines, PA 16921

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everyday 10:00AM to 5:30PM
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